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Explore Independence Park by Paddleboard


Independence Park is a beautiful city-owned park on the outer part of Beverly Harbor, Massachusetts. A small beach and rock jetty provide the setting for a beautiful paddle out at any tide.

Across the harbour, and just a 10 minute paddle away is the beautiful and historic Salem Willows Park, where you can get food or listen to live music scheduled often throughout the year. Travelling North East up the coast of Beverly and Beverly Farms provides an unmatched view of the sprawling estates that line the largely private coastline.

Several sandy beaches punctuate the numerous coves, and provide easy places for rest, lunch, and a quick swim. For the more adventurous (and experienced), several islands lie just a a few miles off shore and make for excellent paddling destinations and features to play near.

Aspectos destacados

We love Independence Park partly for the ease with which you can access the water. You can drive down, unload your equipment, and then park for free on the street within a two minute walk of the park. Our favourite times to paddle here are at sunset. Winds are usually lighter, and the setting sun provides a glow that, despite your many efforts, all the pictures you take will never do justice to. The setting sun reflects off the bright white sailboats moored between Beverly and Salem, providing a sharp contrast to the deep blue water.

We also really enjoy paddling here in the winter. The crowds are gone, the water is shockingly clear, and we have the ocean largely to ourselves, save the few seals we see on occasion.

This location is perfect for any type of board. To visit the islands or cover a little more distance, a longer touring or racing board may be desirable, but for nearshore adventures, any all-round or touring shape will do. We don’t get much for surf here, so probably better to leave your shorties at home for this launch.

Conocimientos locales

  • Navegador por satélite

    42.54266897392667, -70.87709184410319

  • Aparcamiento más cercano

    Free street parking nearby to the launch point

  • Punto de partida

    Independence Park, Lothrop Street, Beverly, MA

  • Lugares para comer / beber

    After your paddle, there are several great bars, restaurants, and breweries within easy walking or driving distance. Some of our favourites are Gentile Brewing, The Indo Pub, and EJ Cabots.

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